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   Mon 10:00am  til 6:00pm
   Tue - Thu  11:00am  til 6:00pm
   Fri 10:00am  til 6:00pm
   Sat 10:00am  til 4:00pm
   Closed Sundays

Note: Later bottling times can be arranged if required.

71 Mountainview Road N. Unit 2.
Georgetown Ontario

Follow the link below for a detailed map.
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email: corkswineryAt SignbellnetPeriodca
phone: (905) 873-6663

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Christmas Wine Special

Welcome to Your Winery

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Making your own wine is an economical way to enjoy the finest vintages comparable to commercial wines. You can save over $150 by making your wine with Corks Winery!

We are proud to be your own private neighborhood winery and invite you to come make the wine of your choice in our facility. Your visit will be a pleasant one, and once you make your wine with us there will be no turning back.
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